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Overcoming barriers

'There is nothing permanent except change...'

Like anything in life, making changes aren’t always particularly easy. There can be many factors that stop you in your stride of trying to change how things are done, especially in the world of yachting. When it comes to sustainability there are many factors to consider including the various players which make up the industry. We have identified some of the main barriers when it comes to making sustainable changes and ways in which you can overcome them.

The owner

When it comes to their yacht, owners have a final say in pretty much everything, so if they don’t agree with certain processes sometimes this can hinder the way the yacht is managed and run. Dependent upon their personality they may not have a very green attitude and therefore not have any interest in whether the yacht is run sustainably or not. Their specific preferences and demands may also halt the sustainability progress onboard.

Explain the specific reasons and the advantages behind the proposed change that you want to make onboard. It is important to show the owner that you have researched viable alternatives to overcome particular issues when it comes to preferences.


Or, the lack of. Today, there is limited legislation when it comes to ensuring superyachts are run sustainably. For sustainability to be made accountable and to be taken more seriously within the industry there needs to be specific legislation in place. Similar to health and safety laws, sustainability is just as important and especially when it comes to the future of the industry.

Although there maybe a lack of legislation, the industry can still change, individuals and teams can still make a difference onboard. Support all the environmental initiatives you can which relate to the industry and ensure that you spread the word. This will bump sustainability to the top of peoples thinking and spur on further change. Just because we don’t ‘have’ to incorporate sustainability legally, doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to do.


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to making changes. In today’s world, where information is on overload, it can sometimes be hard to know which information is credible and it is important to be aware of greenwashing.

To overcome a lack of knowledge, is simple in theory but harder in reality. For sustainability concepts to be successful there needs to be a level of environmental awareness within the crew. Take time as a crew to do your research, know why and what it is you are trying to change. Subscribe to our newsletter for informative content and get in touch with us for further resources.


In any industry, breaking habits and getting away from traditions can prove to be tough. When mentalities of those in charge, perhaps aren’t open to new processes and changes it can be really hard to initiate change.

Although difficult at first, you can help people change mentalities and break away from current habits and ways of doing things. Make sure you have the knowledge and viable alternative research to explain to them. A lot of the time, the way of doing things comes down to the ease of it so if you can create change with minimal upheaval and still ensure that the process is easy for people then it should be an easier transition.


This barrier of logistics encompasses a range of things from budget constraints, time issues, to geographical. When it comes to budgets, although the superyacht industry is one of billionaires, there are still budgets, things still need a cut off point and sometimes when it comes to sustainable changes some yachts don’t have the budget for change. Time issues can be subjective, time is a construct that can be filled with varying priorities and poor management. As a global industry, geographical logistics can be complex, depending where the yacht is based or cruising to and around will depend on the type of products and services you will be able to access.

There are various ways to overcome these logistical barriers. Planning is key when it comes to solving logistics, as well as being aware of priorities and time management. Budgets can be a complex issue but there is always movement within budgets, when it comes to sustainable initiatives sometimes it maybe that it is an initial cost to set up but in the long term will save the yacht money.

At Seastainable Yachting we want to make sustainability as easy as possible. By acknowledging potential barriers and knowing how to overcome will enable the process of change to be a lot smoother.

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