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Q&A with Sunreef

'Sustainability and luxury can and should work together...'

This week we spoke to Sunreef about their Eco-line of luxury catamarans....

The story of 'E';

We love your concept, can you give us a little more detail about your concept at ‘E’?

The concept of the Sunreef 60 E basically stands for Exploration, Elegance and Environment. ‘E’ offers a responsible sailing experience and an electric propulsion system. The yacht is equipped with 2 high-performance electric engines. The battery bank and solar panels provide for clean energy on board. The bimini roof of the Sunreef 60 E was custom-built at the owner's request. A curved, carbon fiber structure with in-built solar panels, was the industry’s first solar panel system integrated within a curved surface (as solar panels are usually mounted on flat surfaces). The curve maximizes power conversion and simply looks great. ‘E’ sports unique recyclable sails for an even more responsible yachting experience. We also use a non-toxic bottom paint.

How did you team up with Sunreef, what inspired this partnership?

We had searched extensively for a catamaran builder that would be open to our ideas of converting an exiting design into an electrically propelled craft. We had approached many manufacturers, and all of them had their doubts, reservations, questions and limitations. It was the meeting of two visionaries – the owner of E and Sunreef's president - and the clash of their energies that gave birth to E. It happens so that both are based in Gdansk, a city with long naval building traditions.

Could you explain your eco-electric propulsion system and how it works onboard, how many miles can it cover? Does the eco energy also power other elements onboard e.g Air conditioning, appliances etc?

Powered from 2 x 80kWh battery bank, the “E”’s twin 75 kW engines allow for up to 8 hours of motoring in complete silence. The batteries allow to operate all the appliances up to 24 hours and power all-night air-conditioning. One of “E”’s great features is hydro-generation: her propellers are able to generate power while sailing.

How do you ensure that you don’t sacrifice luxury for sustainability within your design?

Sustainability and luxury can and should work together. For “E” we used fine sustainable materials without compromising on luxury. The concept incorporates weight-efficient and sustainable materials: reclaimed teak for the floors inside, countertops made of (60%) compressed paper, titanium for railings as well as textile rigging, carbon mast, boom and bimini and fully-recyclable sails. We wanted to make sure we use solid materials that will not need replacing anytime soon.

Are there any other sustainable initiatives you have included when designing this charter experience (e.g the interior, the menu, guest activities, water toys etc?)

The watermaker and purification system provide for fresh water on board, so there is no need to stock up with plastic bottles on board. Each cabin has a distinct color scheme (decor + towels + glasses). That way, towels and glasses don't get mixed up (and you don't need to wash them unnecessarily all the time). Our menu is based on local ingredients.

The focus on Sunreef;

Will this sustainable concept be something that will move across to other Sunreef models in the future?

The sustainable design movement is gaining momentum and Sunreef Yachts is embracing a greener way to cruise in luxury. From our inception, we have firmly believed that yachting can be more environmentally responsible and we have engineered our boats for optimal fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Sunreef Yachts now offers a full range of eco-responsible sailing and power catamarans. Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans combine electric propulsion, smart energy management and sustainable design. The shipyard produces its own solar panels and is able to fully integrate these with composite structures. As a result, the panels can be mounted on any surface on board including masts, hull sides, superstructures. They are part of the yachts' design.

Have you any plans in the future to expand the range on from the 60?

Most of Sunreef Yachts models are available in Eco version. Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans are exclusive motor and sail yachts with hi-tech green features and a universal 360° approach to sustainable yachting. The next Eco project from Sunreef Yachts is an 80 Sunreef Power catamaran currently in build (80-foot motoryacht incorporating the shipyard's innovative solar power system).

Thank you to Sunreef, check out their new eco yachts today!

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