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Q&A with Sustainable Shane

'You are not alone when it comes to sustainability...'

This week we speak to Shane about he's quest in sustainability and inspiring others to make changes, you may also know him from #belowdeck!

Tell us a bit more about how your website, Sustainable Shane came about? So I created my Sustainable Shane website (and brand in general) as a way to spread knowledge around sustainability and inspire grassroots change. I am an expert in lifestyle & sustainability so I created a website that is very approachable, easy to navigate, and informative! From your time on below deck, what do you think are the hardest things to change when it comes to sustainability onboard superyachts? Well, people are often reluctant to change. You see this especially with elderly people. However, change is not bad - only in the short term does change take time, but in the long run it will help you. And the fact is superyachts have a good amount that needs to be changed if they want to be sustainable. BUT in the long run these sustainable changes will benefit superyachts. It will keep the oceans cleaner, the ecosystems more pristine that guests pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to visit, and the yachting season open for more months of the year. Sorry that was a bit philosophical, but yah....I would say the hardest things to change on superyachts is accepting the simple idea of change itself. As one of the ambassadors of our S.E.A club, what is the most important piece of sustainability advice you would share with other yacht crew? You are not alone when it comes to sustainability. There is a thriving and jiving community of sustainability advocates connected through social media and our planet at large. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep advocating for change, and know that your mission is OUR MISSION. Find little ways whenever possible to substitute in sustainability on the boat. Because small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. We are really trying to help make a change within the industry with helping crew make changes onboard, what are your personal thoughts about a future sustainable yachting industry? Personally, I know the yachting industry will change to become more sustainable – just like every other aspect of our lives will. I do believe sustainability within yachting will change sooner rather than later because yachting is directly linked to the natural world around it. People pay a lot of money to experience yachting. Think about it: no one would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to float in a dead, polluted ocean with no fish, murky water, bleached coral, and the constant looming fear of a powerful climate-change-induced tropical storm in mind. So yah, I’m pretty confident the yachting world will do their part soon enough ◡̈

Thanks to Shane, for more information or to get in contact with him, check out he's website

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