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'Thalassophile; a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea...'

To spread positivity, awareness and even more love for our oceans - we asked - you answered...

Not only are our oceans an incredible natural resource, one we cannot take for granted they are also our workplace...and unfortunately they are faced with major threats, so we want to remind everyone why we should be protecting one of our most valuable resources.

There were so many reasons why you #loveouroceans so we selected our favourites!

Top reasons to love (& protect) our oceans

  1. Gives us the air we breathe: Literally, the phytoplankton produces the oxygen we breathe

  2. Its one of our most important resources: think employment, food, medicine, transportation

  3. It's so diverse: It's different everywhere you go, every time you go. From the fierce, rough, stormy, cold oceans to the tranquil, crystal clear, warm ones.

  4. The ultimate playground: There are so many things you can do on, in and under the oceans, it is full of great adventures, think kayaking fjords to scuba diving with sharks.

  5. It's inhabitants are magical: The oceans are home to over 2 million species and they are all amazing.

  6. The serenity of it: Theres a reason why the sound of waves is on most sleep apps.

  7. We share it: A valuable resource that is used and shared around the globe.

  8. Shapes our cultures & traditions: Growing up by the ocean has such an impact on your life, like what you eat, where you work and how you spend your time.

  9. Makes us feel good: Research has shown, bodies of water strongly linked to your brain releasing feel good hormones.

  10. It has deep, dark secrets: The mystery of the depths of the ocean is part of its beauty.

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