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Spotlight on Sea Change wine

'Even wine has a role in protecting our oceans...'

This week we have a guest blog post by Lizzie at Sea Change wine, a great ethically sourced and eco-friendly wine company that provides wine whilst helping our oceans - a perfect wine supplier for yachts looking for sustainable changes.

"At Sea Change we are passionate about two things: protecting our oceans from plastic pollution and great tasting wine. Every bottle of Sea Change helps fund ocean conservation projects across the globe and our minimal packaging reduces waste and environmental impact. Sea Change began as a conversation in 2018 with a customer who is based on the beautiful coast of British Columbia, Canada. The issue of plastic pollution in our oceans was becoming bigger and bigger and we started thinking about what we could do to take action. The conversation continued back in our Effingham (Surrey) office and Sea Change was born.

We created Sea Change as a way to do ‘our bit’ in the wine industry and we hope in time it will encourage change. Turning the tide on the juggernaut that is plastic pollution is only going to happen if we all make changes, even small ones, and we want Sea Change to be a way in which the wine you choose can play a role.

We have stripped back the ‘normal’ wine packaging by removing the unnecessary plastic wrap around the cork and choosing renewable cork closures. The materials for our labels come from certified sustainable forests (FSC) and are in part made from grape waste. Our Provence Rosé has a biodegradable cellulose label, a first for wine! We’ve also used lighter weight bottles where possible to reduce the weight for shipping and the amount of glass used. For every bottle sold, a donation goes to ocean conservation charities around the world. We’ve raised in excess of €60,000 so far which we’re really proud of. Plastic Oceans UK is our global charity partner; however, we also partner with a local charity depending on where you purchase Sea Change. For example, if you purchase in Bermuda, a donation is made to the Bermuda Aquarium, who aim to inspire appreciation and care of their island environment through environmental education, conservation projects and research programmes. We have several winery partners in France and Italy, and as of very recently, in Germany, which are chosen based on their sustainability credentials and the quality of their wines. A common theme amongst them is a fusion of traditional and modern techniques to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

For example, our Whale label range comes from the wonderful Chateau Canet, who work under the protocol of ‘Terra Vitis’, an organisation which limits the impact on the environment by regulating procedures both outside in the vineyard and inside where the wine making happens. An example of one of their techniques is to release butterfly pheromones in the vineyard to discourage the very destructive Eudimis butterfly, a great alternative to pesticides.

In Southern Italy, our winery partner focuses on sustainable use of resources in their production processes, and promoting alternative uses for waste. They also advocate for the conservation of water wherever possible. Due to Puglia having a hot climate and vineyards requiring irrigation at times, they have invested in technology to monitor in minute detail the weather forecasts and moisture levels in the vineyards, combined with short-term and flexible irrigation planning, they are able to greatly reduce water waste.

We have an online shop on our website if you’re in the UK: or if you’re elsewhere, it’s worth checking our stockists page for local outlets around the world:

We have exciting plans to expand the current range of wines with a few on the way very soon, so you should find something to suit most tastes and occasions. For example, our Provence Rosé is the perfect aperitif for watching the sun go down across the ocean. Sea Change Prosecco is an award-winning fizz, great for a celebration. If you’re looking for something a bit more warming, our Merlot has subtle spice notes accompanied by juicy, ripe berries. The future for Sea Change is a simple goal; to continue helping protect our oceans from plastic pollution.

We hope to inspire change within the wine industry, but also help to make consumers aware of how their choices have an impact.

To sustain our environment for future generations we all need to look at our current consumption choices and Sea Change gives people the opportunity to choose (and enjoy!) wine that does this."

Check out Sea Change today!

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