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Spotlight on EcoTank

'Keeping the waters blue...'

With 12 years’ experience in the yachting industry, the mission of the AzureTrend Group has been to keep the waters blue thanks to a very unique all in one waste management service boat developed to make it easy for yachts cruising on the French Riviera. They have been achieving this through their subsidiaries of EcoTank, EcoNorm & EcoBoat, developing both services and equipment for yachts, making it easy to dispose of waste in a sustainable way and to minimise the environmental impact of yachting. With background and experience in yachting, they wanted to find better and easier ways of disposing of all waste and to make it convenient for the guest and captains. They are currently operating in 19 ports from Monaco to St Tropez, collecting over 6.5 million litres of waste waters from yacht tanks and looking for EcoTank Partners everywhere else!

The EcoTank pump-out boat and services

EcoTank are providing these innovative solutions to assist ports, marinas, coastal cities and yacht captains to dispose of all waste whilst reducing the environmental damage caused by the discharge of liquid and solid pollutants into the sea. Ecotank is the worlds first all in one waste management barge for yachts, ports and marinas. The Ecotank barge is a unique mobile pump out solution to collect waste from yachts, allowing easy and efficient recovery of liquid and solid waste. As well as the Ecotank barge being more sustainable and emitting 4 times less CO2 than a collection truck, it can also easily move to all yachts locations, in marinas or out at anchor making it really easy for yachts owners to stay green and drastically reduce waste discharge in our beautiful blue Med.

Ecotank offers a multitude of services from Monaco to St Tropez and extending fast, with the primary objective to keep the waters blue:

  • Pumping, cleaning and degassing of all reservoirs (black water, grey water, fresh water, oil, diesel)

  • The first on demand Yacht certified Eco-Friendly Decontamination services

  • On Demand trash collection

  • Engine room and bilge cleaning

  • Cleaning and disinfection of fume hoods, kitchens and sanitary facilities

  • Collection and evacuation of all waste

  • Coastal, marine and river pollution clean up

  • Neautralisation of tanks

This year, Ecotank have launched their partner program with a mission to recruit Ecotank partners in all marinas and ports over the world. They are looking for local and sustainable entrepreneurs that are interested in this eco-friendly franchise business opportunity to expand their services far and wide and to keep all our waters blue. Get in touch with them today!

Ecoboat & Econorm

Ecoboat recycling has launched France’s first eco-friendly boat deconstruction service, as well as advising ports, cities and private organisations on sustainable development, marine waste recycling and pollution control with EmergenSea 24/7 pollution control services. Always looking at solutions to reduce the impact of yachting, they also reuse deconstructed boat bulls for the production of recycled street furniture. Ecoboat is also working on the ambitious dream to be able to reuse waste waters for green spaces. Last but not least, Econorm is manufacturing the Ecotank Barge, building custom tanks for yachts as well as providing distribution, installation and maintenance services on all water systems onboard yachts. EcoNorm is also a recognised specialist in the installation and maintenance of on-board water treatment systems and complex desalination systems.

A note from the Founder & CEO of AzureTrend group:

“Yacht captains needed sustainable and pragmatic answers to facilitate the green transition of the yachting industry and this has been AzureTrend’s sole mission for the last 12 years, to invent and deliver solutions, using the best research and green development laboratory of the world, the French Riviera. There is still a long way to go and we appreciate all initiatives like Seastainable Yachting to share good practices, so together, we can keep the waters blue”

Check out their websites & follow them on social media today for more information:

Thank you to the Azure Trend group for their work in providing solutions to keeping our waters blue and for collaborating with us on this post, so we can help spread the message far and wide that waste waters do not have to pollute. Lets keep our waters clean and blue.

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