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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

There is no planet B…

If you have already eco-fied your guest mojitos, switched the plastic straw to stainless then does that mean the yacht is sustainable? No, not quite. Although a great start, there are so many more elements to improving practices onboard. At Seastainable Yachting we want to encompass information and ways we can in improve in all of the issues which are facing the industry today, so that we can work to make it more sustainable.

It isn’t a secret that our marine environments are in danger and are demanding our care more than ever, it also isn’t news that superyachts aren’t the most eco-friendly of vessels but it isn’t too late to do something about how we run them.

From eliminating single use plastic, cutting down power usage, zero waste policies, buying and eating locally sourced produce, using eco friendly products through to charity fundraising, cultural understanding and being responsible travellers. These are just some of the issues we need to address when making a yacht sustainable.

At Seastainable Yachting we want to bring this new dimension of yachting into the forefront of the industry.



We believe that it's not too late to change our environment for the benefit of the yachting community. Our consultancy services can help you play your part in saving our playground.


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Sustainability in yachting should simply be because its the right thing to do...

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