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The industry’s responsibility

We may not be able to go back and change the beginning, but we can start where we are, to change the future…’

When people think of the superyacht industry, they can sometimes struggle to see past the huge luxury yacht that sits on the dock in front of them. The yachting industry is made up of a huge amount of players and is such a far reaching industry. From the construction and build to the sale through to the owning and managing of a yacht there are various key players. Alongside them are an array of supporting services, on a global scale, for example, maintenance, provisioning, safety, communication providers and many more. There are also the companies supplying materials, technology and people to the industry. Undoubtedly there are massive financial and economic impacts which yachting has around the world. But what about sustainability?

Quite simply, if it wasn’t for the ocean the industry wouldn’t exist. It thrives off individuals passion for the oceans, superyachts and everyone on them reap the benefits of secluded coves, idyllic bays, remote islands and picturesque anchorages, so shouldn’t they play a role in protecting them?

As the industry continues to expand, there is an ever increasing importance to switching towards a greener future. So, can the industry work to mitigate the negative impacts that it is having on the world’s oceans? Of course. There has already been an increase in collaborations made between the world of yachting and sustainability but the dialogue still needs a huge push, to enable more yachts and sustainable organisations to work together. We just have to look at the technology and innovations today that has become available, making this investment in sustainable solutions for the yachting industry will not only bring environmental benefits but also for strategic business opportunities.

The industry can utilise its power in a way to provide tools for change, to preserve our oceans for generations of eco-friendly superyachts to come and to make sure the future is shaped in the best way possible.

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