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The power of the individual

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

‘The worst thing is thinking someone else will save it..’

Let's be honest, the oceans are huge. They take up 71% of our planets surface so how is one person going to be able to fix them, be able to get them back to what they once were?

It is so easy to think that you, as an individual won’t make a difference with an issue as overwhelming as the demise of our oceans health but this is where you are wrong.

Sometimes, one individual is all it takes to start a local, national or even global movement. Someone has to be brave enough to say it out loud for the first time. This knock on effect of that one individual is huge.

At this point if you are doubting that you could ever make even a local impact then think smaller, think about just influencing your closest family and friends. One individual, becomes several, and so on. This is the same onboard, if you start doing something which ultimately is making the yacht more sustainable this can influence other crew members to do the same which in turn can change that said practice for everyone onboard. Then you spread the message to other yachts, this then goes industry wide and there you have the change.

Where to start can sometimes be the underlying problem. Yes you know that there are issues facing the marine environments, yes you know that superyachts aren’t the most eco friendly and yes you want to change things but how? There are so many elements to being sustainable which is why we have created this online community to put it all in one reference place and to bring ideas together.

Any single step that you make as an individual towards sustainability can be multiplied by everyone around you. Do not underestimate the power of you, the individual.

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