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Changing mindsets

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

'We are what we think...'

The yachting industry is a dynamic platform of change and development. Throughout the years there have been various trends and changes from owner demands, new technology, popular destinations to most recently, environmental impacts.

The complexity of sustainability is an ongoing topic in all spheres of the world, noone quite knows how to tackle it, blame is shifted and concepts blurred. Becoming sustainable isn’t as simple as waste reduction or improved energy consumption, it is a complete behavioural change of individuals decisions, promoting both responsibility and accountability.

Ultimately sustainability is a mindset, everything else including green technology and viable alternatives are the tools to achieve sustainability. To ensure that the industry will head successfully towards one based on sustainability there needs to be this change in mindset. With multiple players in the industry, relying on and influenced by the variety of stakeholders, this is not an easy task. We need to transform the current cycle of irresponsibility into one where each player is proactively incorporating sustainability into their core initiatives.

Of course, there are barriers to sustainability and resistance to change but when mindset shifts, industries start to change. We can already see this in its infancy in yachting but at Seastainable we want to ensure that this changing mindset continues and doesn’t fall by the wayside in favour of easier processes, budget issues, stakeholder resistance or negative crew attitudes.

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