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'Perfect alternatives to single use plastic...'

Guest blog post by Emma at the Happy Ocean Company

The ubiquity of single-use plastic in our everyday lives is so enormous that it’s incredibly easy to think that eliminating it is too great a mountain to climb, that whatever we do to cut down can’t possibly have an effect on the wider world. However, we wholly agree with Seastainable Yachting’s approach that there is great power in individual action, and that, in good part, is why we established The Happy Ocean Company a few years ago – because we want to advocate for positive action and sustained practises. And let’s face it – we have reached a point at which our reliance on single-use plastic is simply not sustainable, with recent studies estimating 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris currently in our oceans, and with research increasingly indicating that the endocrine-disrupting chemicals in plastics could be having large-scale effects on human health. Now is most definitely the time to act.

Now is most definitely the time to act.

An important aspect of The Happy Ocean Company’s work has always been finding alternative, properly sustainable solutions to replace single-use plastic. We invest a lot of time in sourcing products that have a low environmental impact, and stock a selection of products such as UK-made recycled stainless steel cups, water bottles, food containers and paper straws. These are all high-quality products which can be customised with any particular logo or message.

In addition, we carry out bespoke product searches depending on our client’s needs, finding new innovations always with our minds on sustainability – be it a carpet made from recycled materials, an organic mattress or plastic-free cosmetics. Set us the challenge of finding something and we’ll do all we can to find it! We can do all the hard work for you, while you can rest easy knowing that your environmental impact has been significantly reduced.

Check out the Happy Ocean Company products and website today!

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