Sometimes the world can feel like its on information overdrive, especially in the realm of sustainability. So, we have made this information seem a little easier and a lot more accessible.
With our easy to follow handbooks and resources for yacht crew, we are here to make your journey to a sustainably run yacht easier...

The Seastainable Pledges; for all Yacht Crew.

In light of World Oceans Day 2020

Inspired by the UN World Ocean Day pledges we have implemented them into each crew members role. 

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The Seastainable Steps Handbook; for Yacht Crew. 

Our introductory resource. An easy to follow, 5 step guide. Helping you start or continue your sustainability journey onboard.  

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Stay Safe & Seastainable 

Our guide to help crew navigate through the pandemic, whilst keeping sustainability high on the agenda. 

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We believe that it's not too late to change our environment for the benefit of the yachting community. Our consultancy services can help you play your part in saving our playground.


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Sustainability in yachting should simply be because its the right thing to do...

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