Yacht crew of the future; 2030

'The best is yet to come...'

Over the past few months, the global pandemic has seen huge worldwide changes in the way we live and work. With things beginning to go back to some version of normality, we wanted to ponder what the future could perhaps look like in terms of yacht crew and sustainability.

Will sustainability be higher up on the agenda? We certainly hope so. Here is what we think the ultimate sustainable crew member will look like, in 2030.

Green credentials

It will no longer be enough for a newbie to pass a medical and be armed with an STCW certificate, yacht crew will need to go through sustainability training and have knowledge and awareness surrounding sustainability in the yachting industry.

Sustainability ratings

Jobs will be posted with a sustainability rating, which will take into account how well it is managed in terms of sustainability, how much of a priority sustainability is to that boat and the processes they use to make it more sustainable.

Crew welcome packs

Gone are the days where you are welcomed with a plastic bottle of Fiji water and plastic upon plastic packaged toiletries. Crew will be welcomed onto boats with sustainable and ethical uniform, reusable water bottles and eco friendly toiletries.

Sustainable inspections

Cabin inspections are the norm today, keeping your crew cabin and areas is important onboard but what about energy consumption inspections? To be the crew member that always leaves lights on or taps running, for example, will now be penalised.

Carbon offsetting

Whether you fly a short or a long distance to get to and from work, crew flights to and from the yacht will now be offset.

Green flags

The most sustainable yachts will be identified by a green flag system, dependent on how many sustainable development goals, relevant to yachting, they have reached. This green accreditation will be included on all job postings.

Sustainable discounts

Yacht crew will be entitled to discounts on all sustainable brands, from swimwear to sunglasses and everything in between. Sustainable, marine brands will recognise sustainable yacht crew.

Fair trade

Yacht crew like to let their hair down and they will continue to do so, but in a sustainable manner. Think Espresso martinis made with fair trade coffee beans and locally sourced rose…!

What do you think 2030 holds for sustainable yacht crew, we would love to get your thoughts. Be sure to let us know.

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